Where I Practice My Craft

Do you like my title?  Makes it sound like I’m doing witchcraft, doesn’t it?  Well, I’m not.  Somehow Hogwarts never sent me a letter.  😦  I guess I’m not gifted enough.

Okay, enough silliness.  A while back, I took some photos of my craft room (when it was semi-clean).  I thought it would be fun to share the place where I do most of the stuff I blog about (except the cooking–and I will probably never post a picture of my kitchen; even when the countertops are pristine, they’re cluttered as all get-out).

The room also doubles as a guest room (if I can clean it before the guests arrive).  Ideally, I’d like to have a murphy bed so I could have more room when guests are not here (which is most of the time), but they’re expensive.  So that’ll have to wait.

Anyway, onto the room:


The guest bed and artwork.

The guest bed is a full-size bed.  I would like to make it a twin if I can’t have a murphy bed, but my most frequent guest (aka Mom) likes a double.  Also, my daughter sleeps there with her friends when she invites them for a giggle-fest sleepover.

The artwork over the bed consists of a cute print my former stepmother (who will always be part of my life) gave to me (head of the bed), a painting I did, and a glued-together-puzzle.  The painting was an attempt to recapture what I did in junior high art with pastels, but it never quite got where I wanted it.  I also never got quite the right color green in the background, so maybe it is good that you can’t tell the sage green wall color in the picture (it isn’t the most complementary matching).  One of these days, I will take a stab at making something I like better for over the bed.  Glued-together-puzzles always make affordable artwork, especially if you and your husband spent the first three to five years together (dating and before children) doing many puzzles.  We just used push-pins that matched to hold them up on the wall.  I actually have a lot of puzzles decorating the walls of my house.

This rolling cart is a pretty new addition to the room.  I love having some flat storage space so I no longer have to dig through all my flat items to find what I need.

A rolling storage cart contains paper, pencils, and other supplies.

A rolling storage cart contains paper, pencils, and other supplies.

My sewing table is an old student desk. When I started using the room, I wanted to be able to watch the TV while sewing. I stopped using the TV, so I got rid of it, but I like that the desk is facing the door. At any rate, I made a velcro curtain to cover the ugly backside of the desk so that my room still looks pretty when you enter it (assuming, of course, that it’s clean–big assumption).

Sewing table with curtain open.

Sewing table with curtain open.

Sewing table with curtain

Sewing table with curtain

I wanted a bulletin board in my room, but all I had were some old “kiddie” ones from my childhood.  I took the Snoopy one, painted it white, and covered it with the same fabric I made the curtain out of.  I used ribbon accents to make it prettier.  It sits right behind my desk/sewing table.

Prettified bulletin board.

Prettified bulletin board.

There are two areas absent in this entry.  One is the wall contains the former TV now printer stand and the closet.  The closet is scary messy.  I keep telling myself I’ll clean it to take a picture.  But I have sooo much stuff–fabric, wrapping paper, old boxes that I’m going to do something with one day, etc.  Because of that, I don’t have a picture.  If I ever get it clean enough for a picture, I will take one.  The other item missing is a storage cupboard, which I’d really like to take a picture of, especially since I built a custom shelf insert for it to hold my craft paint bottle holder.  However, I’m mid-project right now, and this blog has waited long enough.  So, I will have to add it some other time.

I hope all of you enjoyed seeing my space.  I’d love to see yours, so if you’ve got pictures posted somewhere, please feel free to leave the link in the comments!


Dying Eggshells

Hello everyone!  Did you have a good Easter weekend?  We had a rough Saturday  morning (everyone had the crankies) but it got much better after that.

Saturday afternoon was spent dying our eggs, which was a lot of fun for the kids.  Because I knew Easter was coming up, I had also saved some eggshells just for dying.  Sounds weird, right?  Well, I got the idea after seeing a Pin this blog post at about giving a wooden box a sort of mosaic look with eggshells.  I thought it’d be even cooler if the eggs were colored, so I started saving empty egg shells.  Dying the shells was a bit tricky as they fell apart a bit and were difficult to retrieve from the dye cups.  But I think they look nice!

Dyed eggshells.  The faded ones in the blue were ones that were peeled off the egg by my hubby added to try to help me out.  I told him to stop doing that since some of them had bits of egg on them.

Dyed eggshells. The faded ones in the blue were ones that were peeled off the egg by my hubby added to try to help me out. I told him to stop doing that since some of them had bits of egg on them.

My hands, on the other hand, are a different story.

As you can see, my hands were used to retrieve shells from the dye because the small pieces wouldn't come out in the egg scooper.  I had to switch hands between the yellow/pink/orange and the blue/green so I wouldn't blend colors much, and wound up with two colors of hands.

As you can see, my hands were used to retrieve shells from the dye because the small pieces wouldn’t come out in the egg scooper. I had to switch hands between the yellow/pink/orange and the blue/green so I wouldn’t blend colors much, and wound up with two colors of hands.

When I eventually use them to make some art, I will post it.  I hope they will turn out okay because I’m not sure I got all of the inner skins off them–we’ll see when I do it.

Do you have any unusual/creative uses for eggshells?

You Might Be a Craft Addict If…

I was attempting to organize my craft/guest room, and I started thinking as I looked at groups of object “you might be a craft addict if…”  Ding, ding!  That’s all it took for me to abandon my organizing and start a list.  So, here it goes.  Feel free to add your own in “comments.”IMG_2103

You Might Be a Craft Addict If…

  1. You more colors of thread than you thought possible.
  2. You have enough piles of fabric to be mistaken for a fabric store.
  3. You visit your local craft store once (or more) every week.
  4. You have at least one entire container full of ribbon.
  5. You cannot pass clearance craft items without buying some of them.
  6. You have craft supplies you’ve never used but “know” you will, eventually.  (Yes, I will start scrapbooking.  And quilting.  And…)
  7. Your “guest/craft” room has no place for a guest.  (Um, there’s a bed in there, somewhere.)
  8. You are constantly buying and/or making more items to help you store your craft supplies.
  9. You need to re-organize your craft supplies monthly to accommodate new items.
  10. You spend hours pinning “pins” you will probably never get to on Pinterest.
  11. You spend even more hours re-organizing your Pinterest boards so you can find things when you want to eventually try to do them.
  12. You have a bunch of blank canvases, yet still buy more when they are on sale.
  13. Your paint rack is overflowing and you probably should buy a second one.
  14. You consider co-opting portions of your children’s closets to store some of your craft items.

If any of the above apply, you might be a craft addict.

Long Time, No Blog

I feel terrible because it’s been so long since I posted anything to my blog!  I don’t really have a good excuse because I could have made the time if I had tried.  It just seems I can’t get my thoughts together lately.

It all started when my daughter went back to school and Girl Scouts started again (I’m one of the leaders).  We had an overnight to plan in August and another in September.  We had meetings to plan.  And I wasn’t even doing most of the planning.

After the last Girl Scout overnight, my family had a little vacation to Disneyland just in time to see it decorated for Halloween.  It was cool.


The only thing we really wanted to do but didn’t get to do was to ride all the rides in California Adventure‘s Cars Land.  The lines were horrendous for most of them.  The fast passes were gone faster than you could snap your fingers.  And this was supposedly “light traffic” season.

In the midst of all of these adventures, we had a few problems around the house.  A very large bottle of Dawn sprung a leak and left a real mess under the cupboard.


And this picture was taken after half of it was cleaned up.

When we got back from Disneyland, we found the circuit breaker in the garage tripped the night we left.  We had a freezer full of meat that completely defrosted.  It was a bloody (literally) mess.  No pictures will be posted of that–I don’t know where I’ve filed them, and they would gross you out.

Prior to all the trips, I was working on some ornaments that I am painting and hoping to put into my Etsy shop ASAP (if I can finish the touch-ups in the next two weeks).



I made a couple of painted boxes and a painted truck for my friend’s children’s birthdays.


And lastly, I’ve been enjoying the (finally) cooler weather taking walks.  My daughter and I found this interesting “L” shaped rock in the dirt.


At any rate, I hope to be back to blogging semi-regularly soon.  And to posting many more crafts and maybe some recipes I’ve been trying to tweak.

Have a good day and thanks for stopping by!

The Best Laid Plans…

Well, I had hoped to be posting here regularly by now.  Alas, the universe had different plans for me.  My computer has crashed and I have no place to edit pictures, which are a pretty major part of my vision for this blog.  Hopefully, we will be rectifying this soon.  In the meantime, I have one idea for a post that will not need pictures, so I will work on that and hopefully post it within a few days.

Let’s Get Started

Lately I’ve been feeling the need to blog about my more creative side, and those ideas just seemed to need a blog of their own, so here I am starting a new blog, even though I’ve had a hard time keeping up with my old one.  Let’s see if we can do better with this one!

Perhaps you’re wondering “who is this woman?”  I am a stay-at-home mom with two lovely children (a girl and a boy).  They’re funny and interesting, and I am so glad to be their mom.  I also love reading, writing, painting, sewing, and crafting.  While I love food, I find cooking more of a challenge than not, but sometimes I do manage to create something wonderful.

As a stay-at-home mom, I tend to get urges to do something more with my mind–that’s where blogging and art come in. My creative attempts have been successful at times and not so much at others (whose haven’t?), but I do like to keep trying until I get it right.  Because of my “Mommy” duties, I don’t have as much time to devote to these endeavors as I would like, but that’s life, right?

For this particular blog, I intend to share creative ideas of my own as well as those ideas of others that have inspired me (complete with links, where appropriate) and the results of my take on those ideas.  In the rare cases where recipes of my own making actually work out, I will definitely share those.

I hope you enjoy following my creative journey.  Please feel free to put in your own two cents (or more).  I’m always open to new ideas and improvements on old ones!