Oh, Fudge

This morning, I saw this fudge post by the Pintester sitting in my inbox.  She was testing this recipe.  It looked pretty easy, and I thought I should try it.  (Especially since I’m trying to avoid opening another box of Girl Scout Cookies.)  The one problem is that we didn’t have any sweetened condensed milk (SCM).  We had evaporated milk and dry milk, but no SCM.  😦

Not one to be daunted, I turned to my pal, Google.com.  It came through for me, as usual.  The first recipe I found at cooks.com used eggs.  I wasn’t sure that was a great idea since fudge doesn’t involve baking and the eggs would likely be half-cooked during the melting process, and that might not work out so well.  The next one used dry milk.  Yay!  So, I went to work making my SCM.

First of all, let me tell you that the smell of dry milk mixed with water is YUCK.  And it didn’t look like much, at first.

Dry milk and water.  Doesn't look like much.

Dry milk and water. Doesn’t look like much.

However, after I added the sugar and did some stirring, it started to look how I wanted it to look.

Looks like sweetened condensed milk...

Looks like sweetened condensed milk…

So, I put it into the refrigerator, per the instructions.  When it was ready, it was fudge time!

Being that I do not like milk chocolate chips and do not keep them around, I used semi-sweet chocolate chips.  I got everything ready to go into the microwave and set the timer for 3 minutes, figuring I’d want to stir it by then.  When I took it out and stirred it, it was not blending well.  😦  It had the funny dry milk smell and I was worried by the texture of the chips that they might have gotten too much heat and were starting to scorch inside.

My much mixed but not still needs more heat mess.

My much mixed but not still needs more heat mess.

So, I decided to put it back into the double boiler where I could stir as it melted.  It never got as smooth as I wanted it, and I needed to run some errands, so I deemed it “good enough” and poured it into the pan.

Back in the double boiler.

Back in the double boiler.



Overall, the fudge isn’t bad.  However, when you first bite into it, there is a dry milk flavor that you eventually get past.  Overall, I think the fudge recipe is probably good, but I wouldn’t try it again without having real SCM on hand!

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