In Search of a New Sewing Machine and Possibly a Serger

For a while, I’ve known that I need a better sewing machine.  I’m currently using this old Brother Walmart special I bought back in college.  It’s functional, and does the job, but I want something with more because, for one thing, I’m tired of having to go to my mother’s house if I want to sew a button hole.  I would like some fun features like pretty stitches.  In short, I want more.

Today while at JoAnn‘s, the hubby and I decided to peak at the machines as I have no idea what model I might want.  We wound up staying and talking to one of the women there for at least 30 minutes.  I got to play with the Singer 8763 Curvy and the Singer One.  I like them both.  I am leaning towards the Curvy as it has more stitch options, but I was wondering if any of my readers had any experience with these machines and would like to share their experiences.  Any input would be welcome.

I am also considering buying a serger as I want to do more clothing sewing.  I know the Curvy has a serger stitch, but I’m wondering if it is as good as a true serger stitch as sergers use more than one spool of thread.  Does anyone have any advice or recommendations?  It would be much appreciated!

Update 7/23/14:  I now have two new pieces of equipment!  I wound up buying my friend’s gently used Singer Futura CE-150, which also does embroidery (haven’t tried that part out yet).  I also got a Singer ProFinish Serger on sale from Amazon for Mother’s Day.  I’m just starting to experiment with that and will hopefully post on it soon.


5 thoughts on “In Search of a New Sewing Machine and Possibly a Serger

  1. Juki and janome make good sergers. Hancock Fabrics carries Janome sewing machines and sergers. If you google the Janome 8050, it has gotten good reviews and is on sale at Hancocks.

  2. A friend of mine has a Futura 150 she wants to sell, which does embroidery. I’m highly considering it. She’s made my kids some lovely things on it, and I would love an embroidery machine.

  3. It’s not a serger machine, but my Brother SE400 has a “cutting foot”, which I assume – since I haven’t tried it yet – serves a similar purpose? Sorry, I’m not much help wnen it comes to sergers…I don’t sew clothing because I have an unfounded fear of patterns. 🙂

    • LOL, Melinda. Quilts have patterns. Not the same kind, but a similar concept. 😉

      The serger makes extra tough side seams, which is the main reason I’m thinking about getting one. The sewing machines I’ve seen with a serger stitch do have a separate foot for it, I believe. I suspect the multiple threads on a true serger is actually better, though.

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