Finally! I Am Preparing for the Holiday

This year, things have seemed more hectic to me than last year.  Even though I haven’t had a totally organized Christmas plan since before I had kids, we usually at least had our tree up by the end of Thanksgiving weekend.  Not this year!  I’ve been busy doing a lot of things, some of which had to be done so that I could get my living room tree-ready.  Finally, things are coming together.

In my post “Long Time, No Blog,” I mentioned that I’d been painting some Christmas ornaments for my Etsy store.  I’m happy to say I finally finished them!  Of course, my mom saved me the trouble of posting one as she bought it for the gift exchange with her bridge group.  I had to finish these so I could straighten up the guest/craft room so I had some place to put some of the extra toys that were in the living room.

Here are two of my ornaments:


I also had to clean out our coat closet in order to move some long-term projects that I won’t be doing any time soon out of the living room.  I will spare you those photos.  It was truly frightening.

Once the living room was ready (on December 6), I got the tree put together while my daughter was playing a video game and my son was napping.  I did this so that FOR ONCE I could properly arrange the branches so the tree doesn’t look anemic.  It’s hard to do that with kids saying “can I put the ornaments on yet??”  Of course, the branch arranging was not good for my already troubled sinuses (I have a cold).  It is amazing how much dust can get on a tree that is in a box with just a small crack.  Guess that small crack is enough.

After the tree was up and I’d added the tinsel and the lights, I let the kids do the rest of it pretty much by themselves.  I was beat and ready for a rest.  I did manage to put on 3-4 ornaments, and then I had to re-arrange a couple that were causing too much sagging.  At any rate, here’s our tree.

She is a little lop-sided.  I don't think she has many years left.  And I'd REALLY like a new skirt for her.  But, she's festive, and that's all that matters.

She is a little lop-sided. I don’t think she has many years left. And I’d REALLY like a new skirt for her. But, she’s festive, and that’s all that matters.

So, how are your holiday preparations coming?  Anyone else out there feeling as behind in their preparations as I do?

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