Long Time, No Blog

I feel terrible because it’s been so long since I posted anything to my blog!  I don’t really have a good excuse because I could have made the time if I had tried.  It just seems I can’t get my thoughts together lately.

It all started when my daughter went back to school and Girl Scouts started again (I’m one of the leaders).  We had an overnight to plan in August and another in September.  We had meetings to plan.  And I wasn’t even doing most of the planning.

After the last Girl Scout overnight, my family had a little vacation to Disneyland just in time to see it decorated for Halloween.  It was cool.


The only thing we really wanted to do but didn’t get to do was to ride all the rides in California Adventure‘s Cars Land.  The lines were horrendous for most of them.  The fast passes were gone faster than you could snap your fingers.  And this was supposedly “light traffic” season.

In the midst of all of these adventures, we had a few problems around the house.  A very large bottle of Dawn sprung a leak and left a real mess under the cupboard.


And this picture was taken after half of it was cleaned up.

When we got back from Disneyland, we found the circuit breaker in the garage tripped the night we left.  We had a freezer full of meat that completely defrosted.  It was a bloody (literally) mess.  No pictures will be posted of that–I don’t know where I’ve filed them, and they would gross you out.

Prior to all the trips, I was working on some ornaments that I am painting and hoping to put into my Etsy shop ASAP (if I can finish the touch-ups in the next two weeks).



I made a couple of painted boxes and a painted truck for my friend’s children’s birthdays.


And lastly, I’ve been enjoying the (finally) cooler weather taking walks.  My daughter and I found this interesting “L” shaped rock in the dirt.


At any rate, I hope to be back to blogging semi-regularly soon.  And to posting many more crafts and maybe some recipes I’ve been trying to tweak.

Have a good day and thanks for stopping by!

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